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We provide high quality imaging of thyroid gland and other endocrine related anatomy. Our professional and highly trained ultrasound technicians have many years of endocrine specialty imaging expertise. In a team approach, they work closely with our physicians to corroborate ultrasound findings to ensure highly specialized endocrine care for our patients.

How does a thyroid ultrasound work?

It is a painless non-invasive imaging study that uses a probe to transmit sound waves into the thyroid tissue. As these sound waves (echoes) get reflected back to the probe, the ultrasound machine calculates the distances and intensities of these echoes on the screen. It is then displayed as a two dimensional image of the thyroid. We are then able to determine if you have thyroid nodules, and if so, use specific ultrasound findings to determine the need for a thyroid nodule biopsy, to determine if that nodule is benign or malignant.